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About the Mahwah Raiders Soccer Club

The Mahwah Raiders Soccer Club is based in Mahwah, NJ, and comprises children aged 7-18. We offer a competitive soccer program to those players interested in playing on teams in the Northern Counties and EDP leagues. While most players are Mahwah residents, our rosters include boys & girls from many local towns in Bergen (NJ) and Rockland (NY) counties. Our non-profit organization prides itself on offering professionally trained youth soccer experiences for almost 30 years.

“The guidance, improvement and training provided has enabled our daughter to become a soccer player who will be ready to perform at the High School level.”

“Raiders and Coach Josh have really prepared my son for high school soccer. Love what this program has done for his confidence. Coach Josh is one of the best coaches to ever to work with my son.”

“With the Raiders my children are learning the value of working with teammates, staying fit and enjoying the game of soccer at a competitive level.”


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